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Train-the-Trainer (TTT)/Pitch-Perfect Presentations (PPP)

February 22, 2019 8:00 AM to February 23, 2019 5:00 PM
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Sterling VA
910 N York Road
Sterling, VA 20164

Scope:  This learning by doing workshop provides participants with successful presentation techniques which can be applied to any scenario or topic you may need to share with a small group or audience.  Its purpose is to enhance your communication skills, leadership development and professionalism.  Attending TTT will increase your confidence and effectiveness as a trainer, consultant, team leader, project manager, salesperson or public speaker.

     TTT is a hands-on, do-it-yourself, intense 2-day immersive experience.  TTT is the first of two required workshops for IDP candidates wishing to teach APICS courses or programs. 


Who Should Attend? If your goal is to become more comfortable and effective in these situations: 

  • Reporting status at project, production, or S&OP meetings
  • Training small groups in a classroom or workshop
  • Demonstrating services or products to clients
  • Pitching an idea to coworkers or managers
  • Delivering bad news to executives
  • Sharing your leadership vision


“TTT/PPP is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Every day I find myself using these tools to engage the learning styles of my family, neighbors, congregation, employees, colleagues, & students.” -  2010 Participant


Curriculum:  TTT involves 2 full days of instruction, providing best practices such as proper media selection, room preparation, body language, engaging adult learning styles, asking open-ended questions, and dealing with distractions.  This workshop includes videotaping participants as they demonstrate their ability to deliver a 5-minute and a 10-minute presentation.  These pivotal assignments enable constructive peer critiques, giving presenters an opportunity to learn how the audience perceives their message.  Our workshop is unique in our ability to provide a FUN, SAFE atmosphere where people can develop a personal presentation style guaranteed to optimize their effectiveness and the quality of their message.


Cost:  This 16-hour workshop is being offered 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Fri/Sat 2/22-23/18 at 910 N York Road, Sterling VA 20164. Cost is $550 for APICS members, $825 nonmembers. Register at this link: Click here to register 


Your facilitators for this workshop will be APICS TTT Master Instructor Joni Holeman CPIM-F, CIRM, CSCP, CLTD and Olive Ngah CPIM, CSCP, SCOR-P, LSSBB, CDDL. 

Joni Holeman, CPIM-F, CIRM, CSCP, CLTD

Joni Holeman is President of Affirmation Training Inc., teaching operations and supply chain best practices along with human potential principles.  Joni has over 25 years of planning, materials management, and manufacturing experience in businesses ranging from custom lighting (ETO), value engineering, electronics (MTO & ATO), and remanufacturing (MTS).  Each point along her career path prepared her for the concepts she now instructs.  Her passions include Pugs, training with a humorous twist, volunteering on church projects and promoting Strategic Planning as a life skill for grownups.  Joni teaches the entire Principles program, Parts 1 and 2 of CPIM, CSCP and CLTD. She is an IDP Master for the Instructor Development modules of Train-the-Trainer and Learning Dynamics for Instructors, and co-teaches the Applied Instructor Skills module with Maryanne Ross.

An obsessive-compulsive volunteer since 1991, Joni is a past President of the DC Metro APICS chapter. She then served for 19 years as their VP of Education. An avid believer in volunteer development, she coaches nonprofits on how to successfully sell their invisible services.  Joni writes online and instructor-led curriculum, develops interactive workshops and is a frequent conference speaker. 

She has trained thousands of participants working for companies such as ExxonMobil, Northrup Grumman, Johnson & Johnson, Micron, DuPont, GE and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.



A Global Supply Chain Continuous Improvement Leader who is specialized in end-to-end supply chain optimization, Olive is the Global Demand Manager for DuPont.

She uses her leadership experience in global programs and strategic initiatives when teaching at companies of any size.  Olive is uniquely talented in being able to communicate complex processes into steps that are easily understood by students.

Olive has a passion for learning, problem solving and integrating departments through performance metrics.  She serves the APICS Baltimore Chapter as their VP of Education.  She is keenly interested in showing college students the benefits of careers in Supply Chain and Operations Management.


Olive is an IDP Instructor for CSCP at the level of Associate.

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Train-the-Trainer (TTT)/Pitch-Perfect Presentations (PPP)

February 22, 2019 8:00 AM to February 23, 2019 5:00 PM

Sterling VA
910 N York Road
Sterling, VA 20164

Train-the-Trainer (TTT)/Pitch-Perfect Presentations (PPP) 2-day Workshop coming to Sterling, VA on Feb 22-23, 2019!

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