Member Testimonials

Best Decision to Join!

I found an organization that is made up of a diverse group of dedicated Supply Chain professionals from every industry in the Baltimore Area. The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable. They don’t just recite out of a textbook, they keep you engaged. I was so impressed at the quality of, not just the instructors, but of the people, that I ended up getting involved in the chapter. I found this to be a fantastic opportunity to network with other Supply Chain professionals. I was able to extend my professional network and find employment opportunities that I would have never had access to previously.

-- Greg

APICS has been a constant throughout my career!

“I have been an APICS member for 20+ years and have worked in a variety of manufacturing environments across the Baltimore area. I have seen great changes in the American manufacturing industry. But, the one thing that has remained a constant throughout my career is APICS. It has brought to manufacturing what Leonardo da Vinci brought to engineering…Enlightenment! Not only does APICS provide new ways of looking at- and thinking about- manufacturing, they also provide the education, materials and support to think outside the box and implement change. I truly believe that without APICS, American manufacturing would not be competitive in today’s global economy.”

--Janet S.