Just-in-Time: Lean Operating Principles and Techniques

The Just-in-Time: Lean Operating Principles and Techniques is an instructor-led course developed for professionals who already have experience in production and inventory management. The JIT course enables manufacturing, service, and retail organizations to eliminate waste, reduce lead times, and utilize resources more efficiently.

The JIT course is ideal for manufacturing and service-based organizations that seek to eliminate waste, reduce lead times, and improve quality to zero defects. The JIT course includes group work and end-of-session quizzes. For more information on planning a Just-in-Time: Lean Operating Principles and Techniques, please contact APICS Baltimore’s Vice President of Education, Todd Sabin .

Learning Objectives

  • Examine methods for authorizing build and move of material
  • Discuss the effect of JIT on supplier and customer relationships
  • Learn the philosophies of lean manufacturing, kanban, and set-up time reduction

Session Topics

  • Introduction to JIT Concepts
  • Continuous Improvement Methodologies and Techniques
  • Statistical Process Control and Pull Signals
  • Production Considerations and Material Logistics
  • Planning and Scheduling and Paperwork/Transaction Reduction
  • Human Resource Development and Involvement
  • Integrating and Applying Different Techniques to Business Processes
  • Implementation Considerations

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